Marcus Howman

We originally photographed Marcus for the The Full English in 2008 and we thought he looked like one of those cocky ambitious guys you see on the The Apprentice (UK). By the time we had developed the websites and moved into film we'd lost touch with him. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Marcus was a bit shocked to hear from us about a return to some web modelling but pleasantly surprised to find he had a new set of fans. It turns out that he'd tried a bit of semi-naked butlering after his TFE shoot and even posed nude for some art schools. The trouble was, he told us, was that he occasionally got an involuntary erection in front of the students and would have to apologise profusely. He decided to channel his exhibtionism into some swinging club sessions instead where his boldness and ease at being naked really paid off.

Marcus is now forty-six which means we've had to give him an immediate transfer to MBFD! What's more he's been married (we think he's divorced) and he has two youngsters of his own. He's a keen cyclist which keeps a beckoning dad-bod in check. Marcus was perhaps a little daunted to find how much more demanding male modelling is in 2021 and readers who love real-life dads (and black cab drivers) will enjoy Mr Howman's tentative step back into the spotlight. Photos up now.

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